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TT Computer Rental Service offers flexible rental plans at an affordable price. They have a range of rental plans, and you can choose one that suits your budget and requirements. The rental periods are also flexible, so you can rent the equipment for the duration that suits you the best.

Availability and Quality of Equipment: TT Computer Rental Service offers a wide range of equipment, including the latest and most powerful hardware. The equipment is well-maintained and regularly serviced to ensure it runs smoothly. They also have a range of software options to choose from.

Customization: TT Computer Rental Service offers customization options, such as installing specific software or configuring the hardware to meet your specific requirements. This can be particularly helpful for businesses or individuals who have specific computing needs.

Technical Support and Maintenance: TT Computer Rental Service offers reliable technical support and maintenance services. If you encounter any technical issues with the equipment, their support team is available to help you resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

Reputation and Customer Reviews: TT Computer Rental Service has a good reputation and positive customer reviews, indicating that they offer quality services and equipment.

Convenient Location: TT Computer Rental Service is located in Noida Extension, which is a convenient location for many businesses and individuals in the area. This can save you time and hassle in picking up and dropping off the equipment.

Ultimately, when considering a computer rental service in Noida Extension, it’s important to choose a provider that offers reliable equipment, flexible rental plans, good technical support, and a reputation for quality services. TT Computer Rental Service seems to offer these qualities and may be a good choice for those seeking a computer rental service in the area.


Looking to start a new business, or work from home? Toner tech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service can help you out with the best computer rental agency in whole of Noida extension , noida, and Greater Noida.

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What we gaurantee is that you will get the best rates and rental services, with unmatched technical support seven days a week.

Benefits of renting Computer in Noida Extension from Toner tech- TT Computer/Laptop Rental Service

Lowest Rates Guaranteed

100% Quality Assurance

Technical Support

Free Quote

Leading Brands

Free Delivery

Flexible Rental Term

Tailored Packages

Easy Setup

At Toner tech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service we make sure that you are satisfied with the product and services we provide. You can rent the latest computer which will be delivered locally in Noida extension. We manage the delivery and setup for any number of computer you rent. Whether you are an individual or a corporate we promise on time delivery and quality service to all our customers.

TT Computer Rental: Your Trusted Partner for Laptop Rentals in Noida
Are you looking for a reliable and affordable laptop rental service in Noida? Do you need a laptop for your personal or professional needs, but don’t want to invest in buying one? Do you want to enjoy the benefits of using the latest and most powerful laptops from top brands like Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. TT Computer Rental is your ultimate destination for laptop rentals in Noida, offering you the best quality laptops at the best prices. Whether you need a laptop for a day, a week, a month, or even longer, we have flexible rental plans that suit your specific requirements and budget.

Why Choose TT Computer Rental for Laptop Rentals in Noida?
At TT Computer Rental, we are committed to providing you with the best laptop rental experience possible. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your laptop rental needs in Noida:

Easy Rental Process: With TT Computer Rental, renting a laptop in Noida is a breeze. Just visit our website, choose the laptop you need, fill out a simple form, and place your order. Our team will deliver your laptop to your doorstep within a few hours. You can also visit our store in Noida and pick up your laptop yourself.
Flexible Rental Plans: We understand that different customers have different needs and preferences when it comes to renting a laptop. That’s why we offer various rental plans that cater to your specific needs. You can rent a laptop for as short as a day or as long as a year, depending on your requirement. You can also extend your rental plan anytime, without any hassle.
Competitive Pricing: Our laptop rental rates are highly competitive, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We offer discounts for bulk orders and long-term rentals. We also have no hidden charges or fees. You only pay for what you use.
Custom Configuration Hardware of : We can customize the Hardware and settings on your rental laptop according to your specific requirements, ensuring your laptop is ready to use from the get-go. Whether you need a Windows or a Mac operating system, a specific software application, or a particular language setting, we can configure it for you. You can also request for additional accessories like mouse, keyboard, webcam, speakers, etc.


Available Large Range of Computer on Rent in Noida Extension

I3, i5, i7, and all other custom configurations are available based on your requirement. If you are looking to rent high performing computer for gaming, graphic designing, video editing or basic laptops for call centers and  data entry jobs , working from home executive, school going students, corporate sectors, for single user or multi user we have you covered.

Need to i5 computer on rent in greater noida with heavy usage of graphic cards, or long usage hours? Just let us know what you need and we will get you the desktop you need. At Toner Tech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service our goal is to make your that the customer gets what they need.

 Fast and Easy Setup

We can deliver computer on rent in greater noida, Noida extension and greater noida west within one hour of you placing a rent order. All our computer are in top condition and we make sure that the laptop computer(s) are ready to use on arrival.

Toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop on Rent in Noida Extension Rental Service is located in Greater Noida, and our service in this area is unmatched. We provide onsite service for any technical difficulties you face, and are available for service 7 days a week, even during public holidays.

Renting a computer on rent in greater noida with as is as easy as ordering a pizza, just pick up the phone and call us on +91 9818766704, and we will have your computer delivered by the end of the day. When it comes to computer rental agency in Noida, it does not get easier than this.

Flexible Contracts

Toner tech Noida- TT Computer on rent in greater noida have a large rang computer  on rent in noida extension that you can rent on monthly or yearly packages. With our flexible rental program, you don’t need to worry about long term contracts, or other pesky obligations. You decide the contract term, and we accept. Longer contracts are more beneficial as rentals can be lowered even further.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Best Rates In The Market

Latest Technologies

Flexible Mode Of Payments

Flexible Contracts

On Time Delivery

No Delivery Charges

Customized Laptops & Desktops

24x7 Support

Hassle Free Experience

Why Computer/Laptop Renting Is Better Than Buying From Toner tech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service ?

Latest Tech

Technologies Change

Let’s say you go and buy the latest laptop, desktop, or printer for yourself; or your office. Technologies keep changing, and the equipment you get today may not be the best fit after a few months/years.

By opting to rent from us, you can stay updated. Just rent out customized laptop & desktop with the latest technologies. You can upgrade whenever you like.

Costs Less

Minimum Upfront Costs

Whether you are thinking of buying a laptop, desktop, or printer for yourself; a corporate office, a work from home situation, or any other reason; they cost quite a lot upfront.

By opting to rent from us, instead of buying, you save a lot of upfront funds that can come in handy for other purposes.

Free Support

Unlimited Support

If you buy laptops, desktops, or printers, the support you get is limited and expires with the warranty. However, when you rent out a device from us, whether it is a laptop, desktop, or printer. We support you as long as you are with us.

By opting to rent with Toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop on Rent in Noida Extension Rental Service, you guarantee yourself a hassle-free experience. We are here to support you 24×7.

What Our Customers Say


Computer on Rent in noida and Noida extension from Toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop Rental Service to see the difference in service. Our clients are all treated with the same urgency as our big clients. You can rent a single piece of equipment from us or a whole fleet for your corporate office or call center. We have got you covered!


We are very happy with the services provided by toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop on Rent in Greater Noida . We are dealing with them since 2017 and have over 50 desktops and 10 laptops on rent with them. Great support staff.

Rajesh Kumar

CTO, Silver Blazing BPO


.We are dealing with toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop on Rent in Greater Noida.  for the last 2 years and are happy with the services and rates provided to us. We use desktops with graphic cards and other latest technologies and have been given good systems at a low cost.

Divya Mukherjee

Office Administration Manager, Institute of Technical Studies


I have been using a rented laptop from toner tech Noida- TT Computer/Laptop on Rent in Greater Noida Rental Service since march of this year. During the lockdown have had to work from home and needed an extra laptop. Saif from tonertech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service helped me out at a very reasonable rate.

Mohit Gupta

Consultant, Future Assests

About Computer on Rent in Noida Extension

Toner Tech – TT Computer Rental Service

Our Motto- The Customer Comes First

Toner tech Noida- TT Computer Rental Service has established in 2002, and have been providing outstanding services since then. We started as a supplier of Printer Cartridges, then we starting renting and selling printers and desktops. As the needs of the customer kept evolving so, did we as well. We now rent laptops, desktops, and printers so that our customer doesn’t have to face any hassle of huge upfront payments while starting a business, and so that everyone would afford to use a computer at home.

As our business motto says: “The Customer Comes First” we do our best to keep up with that. Whether you rent a single laptop from us, you get the highest quality of service.

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Tonertech noida- TT Computer Rental Shop No. 1 Haji Sahadat Market Noida (Near AMC hospital) Haldoni Mode, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh - 201306, India